PW Project excerpt for learning style

Milestones and schedule

Please note I’ve changed the schedule from the one published on the original syllabus.

The detailed course schedule will be correct.

For first two milestones, please create and share a Google Doc titled “Lastname 306 Proposal and Progress Report.” Upload the text to this document as you turn it in. Both the proposal and progress report (skip the attachments) can be uploaded into the same document.

Project proposal (Tue 10/27, 100 points)

Write a comprehensive proposal which describes your project from start to finish: who you’re working with, why you selected them, etc. While you don’t need complete research methods at this time, you should develop a plan which provides a starting point. At the minimum, you should include:

  1. 1. a research question;
  2. 2. a brief description of, and full contact information for, your
  3. professional partner;
  4. 3. your plans for contacting your professional partner;
  5. 4. at least one alternate professional partner;
  6. 5. attention to ethical research practices;
  7. 6. a work plan which includes secondary research, data collection, data processing, data analysis, web site production, revision, and all of the milestones listed here.

Print your proposal and bring it to class on the due date.

Assessment criteria: Completeness of proposal; soundness and feasibility of plans; format, coherence, and professional writing style.
My feedback will include substantive suggestions about your schedule and research methods.
Optional proposal revision (announced Thu 10/29; this section added 10/30)
I assigned proposal grades on Thu 10/29. You are welcome to revise and resubmit your proposal, though I don’t recommend that for anyone who earned a grade above B+. I will replace the original grade with the new one.


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